For translations of uncompromised quality.

“Our aim is to build a bridge between the speaker and the audience; a bridge that would meet even the highest standards of international organisations like the European Parliament or the UN. As part of our technology, we broadcast the translated material to the chosen rooms. Following this, participants can select their respective language to listen to in their headphones. Unparallelled quality of sound and advanced technology enables us to guarantee the perfect translating experience, be it a smaller multilingual event or a bigger international conference, regardless of the size of the event, or the room..You can be fully sure: when it comes to interpreting equipments, we speak the same language!

Bosch Integrus simultaneous interpretation system

Bosch Integrus is a fully digital infrared language distribution system with unparalleled sound quality. It was developed specifically for congresses and events to help participants' communication. Interpretation is carried out simultaneously in the listeners language, to the receiver and headphone.

AV Play Ltd.

AV Play Ltd. provides a full range of technical services for your event. Our state-of-the art technology and seasoned English-speaking technicians with a proven track record are guarantees for the best results.



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