Bring the best out of your message with our projection solutions!

Verbal communication is important, but we can even more effectively back it up with pictures and videos. Presentation projected behind the speaker expands the universe of our message. Pictures and sounds gives an additional dimension to the presentation, but the photos and animations projected can create a breathtaking effect even in themselves - on a canvas or even on a wall!

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When it comes to projectors, you can choose from a various range of size, brightness, installability and other parameters. Be it a canvas or a wall you would like to use to project on, here you will find what you’re looking for. We are at your disposal.


Our screens helps vivify the projected pictures and colours! Should we work with presentations, camera or computer signals, our front and rear projection screens and our complementary equipments can make anything possible.


LED screens

Uncompromised sound and picture quality even at a trade fair or conference! Visitors will be attracted to your stand by the picture of your high definition LED screen! You can choose oen from the range from 32” to 75”.

Our LED screens come with a stand or can be used as presentation monitors. They can also be connected to each other.


Complementary tools

Our aim is to always provide you with tailor-made solutions. Our projection solutions are no exception: our video mixers, switches, softwares help create the optimal end result.

AV Play Ltd.

AV Play Ltd. provides a full range of technical services for your event. Our state-of-the art technology and seasoned English-speaking technicians with a proven track record are guarantees for the best results.



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